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Solomon Don't waste the water.

 School Journal Part 3,  Number 3,  1999

Don’t waste the water. 

By Jill Macgregor

Learning Intention. 

W.A.L.T. To think about what we are reading and find reasons in the written text. 

    1. Find the meanings of the following words in the text.

  • Scarce-       hard to find.

  • Conch-        shell trumpet.

  • Expedition- it's a long journey.

  • Winding-     turning.

  •  Vehicles-    it's something to drive in.

  • Lagoon-      a large pool of sea water                     

  •  Brackish-    sea salt.       separated.        

  •  Supply-       make (something needed                        wanted.

  • Notch-          available to someone; provide.

  • Drought-      long period of low lead rainfall,                  

                      to a shortage of water.



     2. List the 3 types of water that are      named in the text. 

  • river,

  • sea,

  • rain.

3. Give 5 uses for each type of water.

  •     Scaling fish, 

  • Scrubbing breadfruit,

  • Washing         

  •     Vegetables.

4. Write down the reasons why you think water is so important on the island of Manono. (7 reasons) 

  • To clean your skin to get the bugs off,

  • To boil it and drink it,

  • Use it for bath,

  • To put out fire,4for washing our clothes,

  • For splashing it to have fun,

  • To give it to our pets so they can’t be thirsty,

  • To fill the bowl with water and put a fish inside.   

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