Thursday, 18 June 2020


New Zealand Animal ReportSea snake.By Solomon Tutia
INTRODUCTIONMy sea animal has a long body and a poisonous bite and seems to be having a smile and some and this may look like an eel but it's not. They live in holes and can be big or small. There are 60 sea snakes out there and their food is fish and eels but they fight eels and it can be eaten by eels and large predators and sea eagles and maybe crocodiles and sharks. Sea snakes are not afraid of it the sharks 
It looks like an eel but it's a sea snake. It can grow 2 meters long and has a poisonous bite. Their colors are black or red or grey or white or blue.
My sea snake lives in holes.  They live in the sand in the sea and they live in little caves in the sea.
The sea snakes predator is large ones  eels sharks maybe crocodile.
My sea snake eat fish and eel it gets its food in the water too
My sea snake can give birth to 34 babies and they live for 10 years. It hatches an egg and the baby comes out to eat meat so it can grow bigger and when it's big it can be married.
The average Sea snake grows to about 2 meters long and has a smallish head for its body size. 
Their tails are flattened to make fast swimming possible and flaps over their nostrils close when they are underwater. 
Sea snakes are very poisonous. The most poisonous one is the Beaked Sea Snake


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